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Rules and Regulations

Wearing Rules

If you are women ,you need a head covering when entering to Blue Mosque.Head coverings are available at the Blue Mosque entrance for free. Place the fabric cover on top of your head with equal portions hanging on both sides. Take one side and wrap it around your neck, tossing it behind your back with covering your shoulders.  You don’t need to cover your face, the covering is meant to hide your hair only.

If you are men ,you need to wear pants what is longer for knees . Shorts , pants what is shorter than covering knees are not suitable for visiting.


Before step in to Mosque, take off your shoes and put in plastic bags provided at the entrance(Free of Charge). This is required of all persons as part of Muslim tradition when entering a mosque. There is also no charge to enter the Mosque.


Remain quiet and don’t use flash photography.Since this  is a place of worship, avoid staring or taking picture of those who are praying.Visit the mosque respectfully and quietly.At the Mosque exit, you can put used plastic bags in designated bin bags and return head covers to duty staff.


Plan your visit to the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, so that you better arrive mid morning. Pray happens five times a day with the first call to prayer at sunrise and the last one at nightfall.The mosque closes for 90 minutes at each pray time.Avoid visiting a mosque at pray time (Especially Midday praying on Friday) or within a half hour after the ezan is chanted from the Mosque minarets.

You can check the Praying Times in the website on Visiting Praying Times


You can do donation to help maintain the Mosque at the exit door.

It is not compulsory !

but if you make donation you will get the official receipt for it.